About us

About Us

We are a values led Social Enterprise which provides awareness, opportunities, programs and experiences for people who want to get into tech or build their career in tech.  

Working collaboratively with businesses, local authorities, social enterprises, community groups, schools, colleges, universities and trusted partners we will provide people with the skills to rebalance and unlock their potential transforming the future of work, communities and personal lives. Our commitment is to help close the productivity gap, the skills gap and the inequality gap. 

Our base is in the Bradford District, an area that boosts the youngest city population, best place to start a business, UNESCO World Heritage Site, industrial history, City of Sanctuary and culture stretching back centuries. Having all that on the doorstep gives us a great platform to build on and work with our partners to provide upskilled people and allow businesses and organisations to scale up their operations.

Using a professional, organised, and agile approach allows us to develop powerful partnerships which are effective and provide the most impact to the people and communities we serve. We use bespoke tailored approaches to create programs and content to generate high impact and overcome challenges that employers and communities face addressing the skills gap in tech. 

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The Mission

  • In order to meet our goals we will take the day-to-day approach to engage with young people and improve their tech skills helping to achieve our mission of closing the; skills gap, productivity gap and inequality gap through bespoke programs developed with trusted partners and in collaboration. Communicating with educators, businesses, local authorities, charities and social enterprises to provide a coherent joined up approach to rebalancing our economy allows us to be in consistent and effective development providing day-to-day improvement in people’s lives. As we experience growth our capacity to run more effective programs will increase on scale – we measure our success on impacts made using learnings from the experiences of users and partners we work with. We are agile and able to pivot into new approaches quickly and effectively. 
  • A question often asked is what do we want to be remembered for? The short answer to that is that Future Transformation provided pathways for a joined up approach between employers, educators and the public so that job candidates became better skilled and qualified for roles in tech across all sectors of the economy. Our work helped to close the; skills gap, productivity gap and inequality gap helping to rebalance the economy and inspire future generations into tech roles. 
  • Future Transformation is working towards a bigger picture of a post COVID-19 world where tech becomes ever more important and agile allowing businesses, educators, local authorities and communities to pivot in future peaks of the virus or new threats to health and life. We see this as only possible through our day-to-day activity of driving awareness and providing pathways to opportunities in tech – with the right skills and qualifications our future will be more balanced and productive giving us a more balanced and equal society.
  • Our supporters are critical to us and working in collaboration with trusted partners who share our values and measure impact provides us with sustainability and scalability to grow long into the future.  

Our Values

Here at Future Transformation we are a value led organisation which focuses on helping people to realise their potential. We also take into serious consideration the values of partners and collaborative businesses and organisations when working with them. 


As an organisation we believe that everyone should be aware of the tech opportunities available in their community and locally. This forms the base of our inclusive growth strategy and working with relevant stakeholders we will achieve that awareness, success begins with people first knowing that they have a choice. 


We believe that as more businesses, organisations and people use tech there will be a positive impact and significant progress made to a net zero carbon economy. Response to the climate emergency cannot be overlooked or ignored. We have to work together in all ways and be united and strategic to leave a world healthy for future generations. 

Social Cohesion

We celebrate and bring communities together to champion diversity, we believe that if everyone has had similar experiences, come from similar backgrounds, have similar skills & qualifications then the ideas will be similar. We look to hear and support new ideas and voices bringing different perspectives together to provide better opportunities for all of us. 


Our belief is that creating and making aware the skills needed and jobs available creates a sustainable economy, helping to realise the economic policies of local, regional and national governments.

Health & Wellbeing

We are committed to providing environments where people are safe & engaged with healthy learning, We choose our partners carefully and look to work with and involve a mental health first aider at all of our events. 


Wherever we work we will look to collaborate with local businesses, organisations and people to support and grow local economies. 

Social Mobility

We believe in our work and its contribution to social mobility delivering our day-to-day activity across different communities, locations, workplaces, businesses and schools provides higher levels of impact and meeting the needs of people who will benefit the most.  

Tell us your story

Here at Future Transformation we are always wanting to hear from you, tell us your experience and we will do all we can to help you

Support Us

We are here to provide awareness and opportunities in tech. Our goals are to close the productivity gap, skills gap and inequality gap. We are looking for partners to work with and please do get in touch to work with us and help create a brighter more equal future through a tech transformation.

Tim Rogers Appointed Chair of the Keighley Town Board

Tim Rogers Appointed Chair of the Keighley Town Board

We are excited to share that our CEO, Tim Rogers, has been appointed as the Chair of the inaugural Keighley Town Board. This role will see Tim leading the efforts to implement Keighley’s Town Investment and Long Term Plans, aiming to transform the local community with significant investments and collaborative initiatives. Tim’s dedication to closing the digital divide and addressing climate change, combined with his extensive experience and deep roots in Keighley, positions him perfectly to drive this transformative agenda.

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Women in STEM event

Our events

We are 100% certain that with the programmes & events we have to offer we will see huge impact on economic growth in a sustainable way, transforming the life chances of the next generation by enabling them to flourish within the tech industry.


Inspiring Students through STEM and Space Education Initiatives

Inspiring Students through STEM and Space Education Initiatives

At [Your NGO’s Name], we believe that fostering an interest in STEM and space education among young people is crucial for the advancement of our society. This blog post aims to highlight the importance of STEM education, provide current statistics, and offer practical advice on how educators and organizations can play a pivotal role in shaping a better future.

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