Anna Goldson-Guest speaker-IWD2023

Anna Goldson is a Data & 3D Artist for Slingshot Simulations, a data analytics software company in Leeds. Anna applies her creative background and experience having studied Art and Design at the University of Leeds, to ensure that the company’s software, data visualisation and user experience journey are accessible, aesthetic and effective. During her time at the company, she has gained skills in 3D modelling, data analytics, Unreal Engine development and city modelling, showing that STEM can be just as relevant those with ‘non-STEM’ education backgrounds.

“STEM is important because it is inclusive and is ready to be challenged. My advice for discovering your passion for STEM is to find ways of combining subjects that ‘do not belong together’; become an explorer of interdisciplinarity. Technology has a place in every subject area and vice versa. It waits to be shaped and influenced by passionate people with new ideas, and, with an ethical approach, can only bring positive outcomes”.