Tim Rogers, who has previously collaborated with the college running workshops and Hackathons, is encouraging young people in Bradford to get into tech! In 2020 he launched Future Transformation an organisation that provides outreach and inspiration to create the workforce of the future. Their big project is working with students to design, manufacture and launch satellites into space!


Tim Rogers picture

Tim wants to encourage more people to get into tech because it is such a wide ranging field with lots of opportunities. Alongside the technical roles there are also jobs in finance, admin, marketing and sales, and for some of these roles you don’t necessarily need a degree! Tim is passionate about diversity within the industry, particularly the need to increase the number of women in tech, as having people from different backgrounds with varied experiences and ideas will help to ensure growth within the industry.

We asked Tim if he had any advice for young people who’re interested in a career in tech: ‘it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, as long as you work hard and show resilience you can do anything. Please don’t give up and don’t let where you’re from define what you can do’.

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Written by Shipley College