Hannah Cebolla picture-Tech for Good

Throughout my years in education, I have always had an interest in pursuing a career in STEM which is what prompted my decision to take a year out of studying Psychology at the University of Leeds to complete a year in industry. I currently work as a Research and Implementation Assistant with Born in Bradford’s Digital Makers Project. As part of this opportunity, I have been fortunate enough to be able work on topics I’m passionate about such as developmental psychology and immersive technology, but in particular social media. I love using social media for a range of functions such as content creation, advertisement and education. However, a particular passion of mine is educating the younger generation about the positives/benefits of using social media and digital technology safely to help them succeed in modern society.

Living in an increasingly digitalised society, I believe it is important that we all work together to uncover and develop the confidence young girls have in their STEM abilities to improve their future career prospects. Through education, I believe we can work to move towards a world of gender equality where every girl is born with limitless opportunities to thrive and achieve amazing things. I am a big believer of the expression “You cannot be what you cannot see”; through introducing female role models to young girls we are one step closer to inspiring their minds and helping them to unlock their full potential.