Tech Week Programme

Providing gaming skills, challenges, workshops and activities for school students.

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A fantastic opportunity for your Year 8 and 9 students to find out about women in technology.


Outreach project being delivered in the targeted schools Bradford Girls Grammar and Parkside. The students will experience Earth Observation and learn about: Data; Atmosphere; Cryosphere; Oceans; Biosphere.


An introduction to arguably one of the coolest jobs in the tech industry, penetration testing. We’ll cover off laws, what we do on the day to day and then allow the students to trial breaking websites themselves.



Daily workshop where MSc AI Students learn about satellites and AI composition.



Teaches students how to create digital art using lines of code, then we will work with our partners at Planet (US satellite manufacturer) and have the artwork laser etched onto a satellite where it will be whilst the satellite completes its mission in space.