At Future Transformation, we are a tech social enterprise, focused on providing students, teachers, schools and colleges the skills they need to excel in the space industry. We are passionate about making a positive impact in our community.


We have established a set of ambitious yet achievable goals to be achieved by 2023. Our mission is to create meaningful change in the lives of those in need and to help bridge the gap between unemployment and inequality.

Student reach

We are striving to increase our student reach from 19,000 to 30,000 by 2023. We believe that inclusion and diversity in the tech, education, and space industries will be necessary for sustainable growth in the future.

To that end, we are focusing on bridging the gender gap in STEM fields, particularly in satellite technology. We want to provide students with access to educational resources, mentorship programs, and opportunities to develop their skills related to our cause. By providing these resources, we can build a community of individuals passionate about tech, education, and space while empowering them to make a meaningful contribution to our cause.

Designing our satellite model

Our organization is working hard to design a working satellite model that will be launched into space by 2025. We are focusing on using Raspberry Pi technology to make our satellite model as powerful and innovative as possible. With this, we plan to provide more opportunities for students to pursue their passions and research in the area of space exploration. We believe this could be a great way to make space exploration more accessible and create a brighter future for all of us!

Expand our tech and educational programmes in the West Yorkshire area

We want to provide more access to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities and education to students in this area, helping to close the gender gap that exists in these subjects. Through our events and programmes, we hope to increase student reach by engaging with students of all ages.
Our expansion plans involve engaging with schools and universities in the area and providing courses and events that support them in delivering educational activities to their students. This includes workshops, lectures, exhibitions, hackathons and other activities related to STEM subjects, and our big events such as Tech Week, and Summer of Tech. We also have a special event for International Women’s Day this year.
Ultimately, we want to ensure that everyone in the West Yorkshire area has the same access to STEM education regardless of their background or socio-economic status.

We look forward to achieving these goals this year and hope to inspire more people to join us in our mission.

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